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For Recruiters and Companies who would like our help in finding key candidates to fill positions in their company.

How it works
When you submit a Elite search request you are assigned a PJS talent scout who will contact you directly to discuss your requirements. We then access our database of industry professionals we have sourced or have been recommended from around the world. This service is ideal for busy recruiters that may not have time to post job ad's and wait for application or don't have the time to spend searching the site and processing candidates.

What make us different
We are a revolution in creative talent matching and spend our time acquiring the best candidates and recruitment information to help assist your recruitment requirements. Ours service is cost effective and more flexible than using traditional recruitment consultant because we are continually investing our time in growing our database and finding the best talent to join our site.

What happens next and much does it costs
We send you an e-mail with a link showing you the candidates we have found that match your Elite search criteria. You then review their summary information and select which candidates are the best fit and create a shortlist. You can then select to download each candidates CV's, view showreels/portfolios and supporting docs from the link we provide you with. You will only be charged for the candidates details you select and download their details.

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Animator [2D]
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6-10 Years [Senior]
Animator [2D]
6-10 Years [Senior]